Fastrack NHL Board Game

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Fastrack NHL Board Game

Fastrack NHL is a high speed disc-flinging game powered by your finger which is made by world known board game manufacturing company named Blue Orange. Every player starts with five disks on his side to play game. On ready-set-go, use the elastic band to flame the discs through the tiny slot to another side of the track.

Fastrack NHL Board Game Fastrack NHL Board Game

It is a fast paced action game with fine motor and dexterity. NHL branded wooden dexterity board game play by 2 players and the requirement of the age is 5 or up to play this game. Just use your finger to power the pucks and send all 10 to your opponent’s side of the board. It is like one kind of hockey game, this fastrack calls for lighting speed, accuracy and the right amount of chance to win. It develops hand eye coordination and fine motor skills also.

Fastrack NHL board game is constructed very well. There is a little cloth net bag which is used to clutch the hockey pucks. Be careful opening the bag because if you don’t the clamping device that holds the bag close, it can slip off the end of the string and you will have to find a way to skate it back on. There are 2 elastic bands, one on either side. They are good, but like any elastic, it humiliating over time. The pucks are cool. They are wooden disks but have the shape and markings of real hockey pucks.

This can be a quick easy game to play and not shooting the pucks over the wall, it can be great fun. At first you have to concerns about the bands & what to do if they would break. You always get the original version of Fastrack NHL Board game from amazon.

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