Kid Quarterback Toss Game

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Kid Agains Quarterback Touchdown Football Skill Challenge and Toss Game

Kid Agains Quarterback Touchdown is the America’s football game off the field – An Indoor and Outdoor Football skill challenge and toss game includes 4 games in 1 portable with carrying case and 4 games in 1- features like touchdown, interceptions, field goal, punts and more. It has 90 percent pre glued only 9 pieces snap simultaneously for fast assembly. Heavy duty and carrying Case includes: 4 footballs, target, frame, case and Instructions.

Kid Quarterback Toss Game Kid Quarterback Toss Game Kid Quarterback Toss Game

Play 4 different games on one target, including a real live football game with touchdowns, interceptions, field- goals and more. This game set is great for at the beach, camping, rear door or backyard. It can set anywhere, so when it’s raining or cold outside, set it up in the garage, hallway, bedroom or basement. It is the enjoyable game set especially for kids, but adults also can play for their amusement.

This can be fun for every one of all ages above 6. This is the family choice award winner game set that you won’t be disappointed. You can enjoy family BBQ’S party, vacations, and birthdays. It is an interesting game set that can give entertainment from which you can be relax and refresh your mind.

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