Castakite Spool and Spinner

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Castakite Spool and Spinner – Kite Flying Without The Tangles

Castakite is the kite launcher/flyer with a fishing stick design that actually makes kite flying child’s have fun and something the whole family can enjoy together. The Castakite flyer has durable plastic structure and is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Its kid-friendly drawing includes handle/kite color combinations that appeal to girls and boys.

kite flying without the tangles kite flying without the tangles Castakite Spool and Spinner Castakite Spool and Spinner Castakite Spool and SpinnerCastakite Spool and SpinnerCastakite Spool and SpinnerCastakite Spool and Spinner

The Castakite makes flying a zillion times easier and therefore extra fun for little children. The easy-to-hold Castakite handle and reel remove the frustrations of conventional winders and spools, such as line tangles and burns. With the Castakite, flying becomes fun for the entire family to enjoy together. Today’s kids should be spending more time outdoors in lively play like kite flying, instead of sitting indoors in front of their screens. Castakite can help kids to become more fascinated in kite flying and may look after a future interest in aviation, engineering and other interconnected S.T.E.M. subjects.


Castakite is perfect for the park, great in the yard and wonderful on the beach. It is a sensible tool that is designed to make kite flying fun, easy and safer for all members of the family. It is awesome and a great summer birthday present. It’s bust for any other type of kite. If you get one, I guess that many of your grandchildren will take pleasure in flying it.
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