Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops

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Levaca Women’s Long Sleeve Tops Button Cowl Neck Casual Slim Tunic Tops With Pockets

Levaca is an international brand which is famous for providing garments especially for men’s & women’s fashionable and casual dress. The brand has brought newly fashionable product for women’s known as levaca women’s long sleeve button cowl neck casual slim tunic tops with pockets that have many features and advantages.

Levaca Women’s Long Sleeve Tops Levaca Women’s Long Sleeve Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops Levaca Women’s Cowl Neck Tops

The tunic tops are made of high quality fabric has 50% cotton, 45% polyester and 5% spandex. These materials quality is good without any doubt. The softness, shiny and stretch all the quality are available of the fabric. It has no pilling, no grained but has smooth, shiny, comfort and many good features. The fabric construction of this fabric is single jersey that is perfect with using these materials.

It is the cowl neck tops that mean’s a neckline on a woman’s garment that hangs in draped folds which has been using as a fashion since many years ago. It is a tunic tops that has been worn by men and women since primeval times. It has changed the modern fashion. Now a day every fashion expert keeps this style in their thinking.

It has regular sleeves with cell fabric cuff that are match with body measurement. It has two pockets on front with wood button that increases the beauty of this dress. For relaxation or feeling cold you can keep your hand in the pockets. And also put any important things in the pockets that will save you documents.

It is the fit dress which you can wear with the match of boots, jeans, leggings that will you nice looking and fit with your friends in party or any special functions. You can wear chain that will match with this dress. You can wear it for suitable occasion such as casual, date, home party, working place or shopping.

In the store various sizes of garments are available like as S, M, L, XL and XXL. Among of these you can choose any what is fit for you. It is recommended to you these all sizes measurement follow the US size. If you be an Asian you will take one grade less products. A lot of colorful products are available in stock such as blue, deep gray, gray, purple, black and wine. All of these colors are perfect for women. You can collect one or more colors.

Finally, say without the right size of clothes you will not be more beautiful. You can wear in all seasons. So, if you want to buy this product

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