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Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Universal Magnetic Car Mount is a car mount for any Phone, GPS or Light Tablet. Universal magnetic car mount made by CAW.CAR Accessories also marketed by CAW.CAR Accessories.

CAW.CAR accessories thoroughly studied nearly all car phone holders, carefully looked through all users’ reviews and complaints and developed their Accessories Extra-Thought-Out Universal Super-Handy Car Mount that’s why you can buy your desired car holder.

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Universal Magnetic Car Mount Uses a neodymium magnet, it is super-strong thatcompletely safe for your phone, tablet or GPS.

Driver can easily mount and unmounts device with one hand, in just a second! No cradles, clamps or suckers, just the magic of the magnet.

Universal Magnetic Car Mount looks amazing! This minimalistic stylish Black Chrome stainless steel Mount will effortlesslyincorporate into any car interior.

Universal Magnetic Car Mount suits any phone, GPS or lightweight tablet (That should bewithin 8” and 0.7 lb.) and can be set up in any car.

Universal Magnetic Car Mount can be used with your family members or mount the total set of your gadgets – three Ultra Slim Discs for various devices included with it.

When you buy it you will get-

1 piece ball-shaped black chrome stand.

1 piece magnetic super-strong & safe socket.

2 small & 1 large Metallic Discs.

2 small 3M VHB Stickers, 3 large VHB Stickers of 6 reinstall Kit Components.

So, what are you waiting for? As you see, we have thought everything out, Universal Magnetic Car Mount holder is just what you need!

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