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Molkky Original Game

Molkky is an amazing outdoor game based on a combination of chance and throwing accurateness. All you need is an outdoor space like a backyard, park or a football field with a few friends and a set of Molkky pins. The first player to knock down 50 points significance of wooden pins wins the game, but be careful not to go over 50 points, or you will go back to 25 points. Therefore, a combination of luck and skill are the components needed to win this entertaining game.

Molkky Original Game Molkky Original Game

Molkky is insanely addictive outdoor throwing game from Finland. It can be played on grass, beach, gravel, dirt or any outdoor surface. Groups of all sizes and ages can play simultaneously. The official Molkky rules permit for up to 26 players per game, so invite all of your friends to play this interesting game.

To play this game players earn points by tossing the throwing pin. If a player knocks down more than 1 pin, their score for that turn is the number of pins they knocked down. The pins are in a circle and roll after they are knocked down. In every turn the pins are put back up exactly where they rolled from the previous turn, so the total playing area starts to spread out. If a player can expertly knock down just one pin, their score for that turns equals the number on the top of the pin (knock down the 12 pins = 12 points).

Every Molkky set includes a wooden carrying crate, 12 Molkky skittles, 1 throwing pin and the official Molkky scorebook with instructions. Mölkky is 100% natural with no chemicals or toxins are used when producing these well-crafted outdoor games. Mölkky is cost-effectively and ecologically friendly with wood that is sourced from 100% sustainable finish forests that have been awarded the PEFC certificate. After a game, simply clean the Mölkky pins with a moist washcloth. Since Tactic introduced Mölkky in 1996, it has quickly become the Europe’s no.1 selling outdoor game.

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