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Motor Guide propellers, Machette III (black)

The Machette III propeller is designed for a fast and competent performance on a range of trolling motors including 12, 24, and 36-volt models. The Machette III’s 3.5-inch hub features a tapered hub design by mercury propellers that improve its speed and overall effectiveness. It comes complete with a prop pin and a prop nut.

Motor Guide propellersMotor Guide propellersMotor Guide propellers

The dimension of this prop is 12.2 x 9.4 x 10.5 inches which is 11 ounces of lightweight. It has 3-blades designed for speed and efficiency with weed less, power, and shallow water options includes prop, prop pin, and prop nut with three blade machete III prop for trolling motors. And it is designed for speed & efficiency.

MotorGuide’s standard propeller is common on many of the production motors. The tapered hub design by Mercury Propellers makes this prop tremendously fast with excellent overall efficiency. Its weed less performance is very good and it performs on a wide range of motors, including 12, 24 and 36-volt models. MotorGuide offers a complete line of performance-tuned propellers to enhance your motor’s all-around performance in any application. MotorGuide custom props were designed with the effort of the Mercury Propeller engineers and contain weed less, power, and shallow water options.

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