Motorcycle Holder Cradle

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Bike Mount, Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle

Ipow Universal is the best bike mount for cell phone bicycle rack handlebar & motorcycle holder cradle which is made by well known company named IPOW. It has 2 silicone butterfly bands that can be used interchangeably, grip and keep your phone in all instructions with phone mount and to prevent your device drop.

Motorcycle Holder CradleMotorcycle Holder CradleMotorcycle Holder CradleMotorcycle Holder CradleMotorcycle Holder CradleMotorcycle Holder Cradle

Soft red rubber lines for clamp can decrease vibration as well as avoid phone outside scratches. 3 setting and rubber can be at least 5 different installation diameters; the max diameter is 1.42 inch and 360 degree rotation with trouble-free installation.

It is made of quality hard plastic material. The silicone net is enormously strong and durable that it will stretch up to 10 times itself. Three section type clamping design can hold tightly the bicycle size with different diameters.  360 degree rotation, the mount cradle rests on a ball pivot; you can easily regulate the viewing angle: Up, down, slanting or side-to-side. Isolation type design can be joint with the use of mobile phone and waterproof box. Easy to install and take it out, when you find the spot you like, you can make tighter it to lock it in place. If you have a smart phone with GPS, music, etc., then this is a good way to make your phone an important part of your vehicle. Removable and portable, this device can be detachable, so it can be easily built-in.  Make the smart life easier. That means starting with reasonable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction.

It is compatible with most devices, 2.3-3.5″ wide clamp can hold galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/S2,  iPhone 6+/6S/5S/5C/4S, note 5/4/3/2 HTC one.

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