OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set

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OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set

OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set has a flying disc that catches and throws balls up to 150″. Adapts to several sports such as volleyball, baseball and tennis, floats on water and is even awesome with water balloons. There are unlimited possibilities for inventive and active play and required ages 4 and up includes: 2 pieces of 12″ sports disks with 1 Ogosoft ball. It is the middle size set and the disks are about 15″ wide that it is a really fun set which is amazingly adaptable and sturdy.

OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set

A hand trampoline for balls: throw, catch and bounce. Mezo combines a large target area for easy bouncing with a thinner handle for little hands. It can bounce any ball for summer fun; try it in the pool with water balloons. Newest member of the award-winning family of OgoDisks set includes one bright-blue and one OgoOrange disk with one OgoSoft ball.

It is constructed of a foam disk with various kind of coating to make it extra sturdy. The inside nylon/spandex trampoline part is very spongy, but surprisingly strong. It looks really well finished. When reading about it originally, you couldn’t imagine that you could bounce a delicate water balloon on something similar to this, but it is so soft that you could see it happening and it would almost certainly be a lot of fun. It comes with a small koosh ball, but the disks could be used with just about any kind of tiny ball.

It is really fun to play, especially for adults and older children (7+ years old would be my guess). The mezo/medium 15″ size seems like a perfect size for everyone, not too small and not too big. There is nothing wrong with using this to get started and start building their skills, just don’t expect a lot of back and forth with the really little ones.  It is a well constructed and very fun game for older children and adults with continual possibilities.

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