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AW Fashion’s Enjoy Crossfit Workourt Humor Tee – Cola Parody Premium Men’s Premium Men’s T-Shirt

T-shirt is one kind of garments for men and women both covered the body from neck to waist. AW Fashion is the well known brand in the world providing garments like as men’s T-shirt, women T-shirt, trousers, legging etc. this company has brought men’s T-shirt for you with various design, various color and other features.

Different sizes t-shirt is available in stock such as small, medium, large and excel. Which size is fit? You can collect as per your choice. There are special colors like as black and red. Especial these two colors are selected because of popularity.

AW Fashion's Men's T-ShirtAW Fashion's Men's T-ShirtAW Fashion's Men's T-ShirtAW Fashion's Men's T-Shirt

This item content is s/j 100% cotton, chest print, seamless double needle collar, short sleeve. It is made of 100% combed cotton. We know these types of cotton are the best, and it is soft, moisture that will give you more comfort. This fabric has preshrunk quality that’s mean having undergone a shrinking process during manufacture to prevent further shrinking in use.

For making this item seamless double needle are used to attach collar with double sleeve and hem with a taped neck and shoulders which protect t-shirt from tear. Its printing high is high. It is the chest print known rubber print that is match with fabric color, white color on black fabric and white color on red fabric. This print is made by AW Fashion. The design of print will improve our modern technology. This print quality hit your mind when you will wear it.

It is washable. It can be washed by hand, machine. After washing you will another new shirt. Never color defect during wash. You can use at your home, in party or gossip with your friends. This item has logo that will give extra look. To buy our products shipping and terms condition is easy. After ordering you will get your lovely product. If you want to buy this product.

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