YCMI Men's Fashion Tank Tops

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YCMI Hip Hop Men’s Fashion Vintage Kings Gym Tank Tops T Shirt Undershirt

Tank Top is one kind of garment covered upper body which can be used as inner garments or outer. YCMI hip hop is a famous brand for garments. YAMI has made fashionable hip hop tank top for men or women both purposing gym.

This item is made of high quality fabric like 75% cotton, 25% acrylic. Acrylic fibers are man made or synthetic called polymer that is shiny and durable. Cotton fibers are natural made from cotton that keep fabric smooth, soft and moisture able.  Cause of making with cotton & acrylic our product is comfortable and looking shiny.

YCMI Men's Fashion Tank TopsYCMI Men's Fashion Tank Tops

There are various types of size product such as S, M, L so different age people can wear it. When you will go to market to buy any dress if this is good but stock in not available, you might have gotten sorrow. Don’t worry because of huge collection you will get your size item.

Print increase out looking of any garments if it is foil then it is better. The print quality of this item is high with golden color used on chest and hem known as foil print that has extra looked. It is so good that not removable.  If you wash, it never out.

The sewing quality is high. Two needle threads are used that keep the dress durable. You can wear it when you will stay in gymnasium. For fashion and any cultural program you can wear it that will give you handsome outlook.

The shipping terms & condition of our product are not difficult. You will get this product with in 10 to 25 work days after your order. The item dimensions are 5.9 x 3.9 x 2 inches, shipping weight is 7 ounces, ASIN: B012W3R122. What are you thinking? Don’t late. Make decision quickly. It is the great offer for you. Wear the tank top and make yourself handsome. 

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